Vegan Man Dies Within 24hrs Of Eating A Big Mac

December 29, 2021 Bonine 0

Stewart VonHildan (27) of Seattle Washington died suddenly this past weekend. A lifelong Vegan, Stewart was dared by a republican friend to eat a Big Mac and if he ate the burger the friend would renounce the republican party and burn all his red hats. A staunch supporter of the […]

Woman Thrown Out Of Court For Queefing On The Stand

December 26, 2021 Bonine 0

Seattle, WA- Lisa Blockledder, was in court this past week to answer questions in regards to the crime of robbery she was arrested for. Every time the prosecutor would ask Ms. Blockledder a question, the defendant would queef (Fart from the vagina). To the question; “Is your name Lisa Blockledder?”, […]