Man Consumes 200 Edible Pot Cookies, Breaks Into Grocery Store And Eats 173 Pints Of Ben & Jerry’s Before Being Arrested


Alex Stronz of Palmdale California went a little crazy eating pot edibles. “I ate 10 real quick like and then next thing you know I’m hungry, so I eat another 190 of them things”. That’s a lot of pot Alex! “I don’t know how it happened but I was still hungry even after eating 200 cookies. I headed to the local Vons grocery store and that’s when it all went downhill”, said Alex.

According to video footage, Alex showed up to Vons about 3am and used his heft to open the locked sliding doors. Once inside the store he almost nonchalantly withdrew a spoon from his jeans pocket and headed to the frozen foods aisle where he settled on ice-cream as a way to curb his munchies. “I thought I was dreaming ’till I saw the video. I ate a shit load of ice-cream and passed out”, he said.

“This is the first case of grand theft involving ice-cream that i’ve worked in my 30 years of law enforcement”

Morning shift workers arrived to the front doors wide open and a low consistent moaning coming from the frozen foods section. “When I went down to where the moaning sound was coming from, I saw Mr. Stronz passed out amid dozens of pint ice-cream containers. It was a fucking shit show. Check out my instagram for behind the scene pics!”, said a Vons employee.

Unable to wake him, EMT’s were called to the scene to revive him. After it was clear Alex would be alright, he was placed into police custody where he is being held without bail on charges of grand theft.

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