Man Wins 10MIL Settlement Against Workplace That Fired Him For Calling Out Sick With Vaginitis


Newbury Park, CA- Louis Bennighan (23) has won a massive civil suit against his former employer, Pacific Coast Mutual Credit Union (PCMCU). 10 million dollars has been awarded to Mr. Bennighan after a short weeks long civil trail. Louis filed the civil suit shortly after he was unjustly fired for calling in sick even though he had a doctors note to excuse his absence.

PCMCU claimed that since Louis Benninghan had filled out his pre-employment paper and checked the box “male” when it asked for the employees chosen sexual identification, that he was not able to use “Vaginitis” as a plausible excused absence from his work duties because, “Only females get Vaginitis. Louis can’t have it both ways. Or so management thought.”, an employee of PCMCU told us under the condition of anonymity.

A little background; 3 years prior to his employment with PCMCU, Louis began identifying as a man. His transition was not fully complete as his vagina was still intact. Still having his vagina, common problems associated with one still occurred, i.e. Vaginitis.

Turns out that no matter what an employee calls out sick with, if it is confirmed by a doctors note, is not the business of the employer. For PCMCU to conclude that Louis should not be having Vaginitis because he is a man, was a 10 million dollar mistake their part.

Louis plans on using some of the 10 million dollars to fund his sexual reassignment surgery.

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