Science Has Created A Way To Turn Your Sleep Into Cryptocurrency

July 31, 2021 Bonine 0

Bakersfield, CA- Scientists at the National Center For The Furtherment Of Cryptocurrency Studies, have had a tremendous breakthrough. They have unlocked the ability to use your brains passive electroconginial currents to solve complex algorithms which can and will earn you crypto! Depending on your IQ, you can earn upwards of […]

Russian Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death

July 23, 2021 Bonine 0

Moscow Russia- In Russia they have discovered that there is in fact life after death. In a process called Congeneal Cognisent Cenerational Persistence (CCCP), scientists were able to tap into what they believe is the very essence of humans; their soul. The process requires a living volunteer to participate by […]

Said He Didn’t Hear The Cops Knocking On The Door.

July 19, 2021 Bonine 0

Travis Detwiler (33) of Abilene Texas, had been on the run from the police for 2 weeks. Detwiler was wanted in connection with the theft of 33 car wheels from 33 different cars. His crimes tormented many an unsuspecting folk. Travis was always a good lookout because he could hear […]