Giant Seagull Lands In Northern Ireland. 1000’s Flee As Terror Strikes The Island


Belfast, Ireland- A record setting 45 foot tall seagull has landed on the shores of Ireland and so far this is the only known image of the great bird. Workers at the lighthouse sent out an SOS to all surrounding persons to immediately evacuate the area.

A 70ft lighthouse and a 45ft tall seagull.

Over 5,000 people have left to escaped the wrath of “Big Bird”, some people have no imagination when it comes to naming an end of the world destructive apocalyptical creature, and fear they may never return. And upon return, the brave may find their lands laid to waste by this humongous garbage bird.

One ship offshore from the lighthouse saw the bird take a dump and wipe out three cows with a tremendous anal explosion. Many fears still loom as the hours tick away. Some hope no procreations takes place. Others wonder if the bird tastes like chicken. Connor McGregor sees this as an opportunity to cash out once again.

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