Russian Scientists Prove There Is Life After Death


Moscow Russia- In Russia they have discovered that there is in fact life after death. In a process called Congeneal Cognisent Cenerational Persistence (CCCP), scientists were able to tap into what they believe is the very essence of humans; their soul.

The process requires a living volunteer to participate by having a microchip implanted in the Medula Oblongata which will reject the chip and send it to the soul by way of the neural cortex system. The information recorded by the microchip after expiration of the subject, is what has the whole world watching. Electrical transmissions are being sent from the soul to an unknown source. This process is being call “Electroneural Dissident”. The firing of synapses after death can only be explained by acknowledging that there is in fact life after death.

Notice the intense brightness. It is the electroneural dissident that is seen here.

What is experienced or the detail of this existence of still somewhat of a mystery. But with the success of the CCCP, many grants have been handed out in the sum of billions of dollars from donors all over the world who want to be a part of history as the CCCP furthers its research into the afterlife.

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