Said He Didn’t Hear The Cops Knocking On The Door.


Travis Detwiler (33) of Abilene Texas, had been on the run from the police for 2 weeks. Detwiler was wanted in connection with the theft of 33 car wheels from 33 different cars. His crimes tormented many an unsuspecting folk.

Travis was always a good lookout because he could hear just about anything. I wonder why. Anyways they were holed up in a motel hiding from the FBI and shadow people when the cops bust in and arrested them for the missing wheels.

While being taking to police cruisers his friends were questioning why he didn’t tip them off that the cops were outside. Travis said he didn’t hear a thing.

Whether or not old ears McGee heard the cops or not remains in question. Some say he was tired of being on the run and wanted to get caught.

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