Man Makes Family Use Litter Box To Save On High Cost Of Water


Camarillo, CA- Dexter Matthews (57), is tired of having to spend 100’s of dollars a month on water. “It’s just water. Why is it so damn expensive to flush your shit?”. He figured out a way to save a couple bucks by having his family use a litter box to do their business.

“We converted the sandbox in the backyard the kids used to play with when they were young. Now that they’re in highschool and no longer interested in playing in the sand, I made the decision that we will piss and shit in the sandbox. I figure we will save at least $1000 between the cost of water and shit paper. Oh ya, no more wiping your butt with toilet paper either. We have leaves for free in the backyard”.

Currently his family is staying with relatives while they figure out what the hell is wrong with dad. They were not available for comment.

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