Nickelback Singer, Chad Kroeger Admits His Band’s Music Is Trash.


Canada- Chad Kroeger of Nickelback fame has finally come out and said what we all have known right from the start. That his music is trash. Nickelback swooped into pop culture on the back of one song. They should have been a one-hit wonder, right up there with Chumbawamba.

Over 20 years later they have become the laughing stalk of the music industry. Before his death Mr. Rogers denied the request to have them appear on his show, “They are not welcome in my neighborhood with that awful noise they make”, said Rogers.

The infamous band that drains the life from our souls.

Kroeger had this to say about his band, “We’re garbage, no doubt. I’m all about the paycheck and these fools keep giving them to us. Even I can’t stand our music. It rots the brain man. Pure trash. But I like to get paid sucka’s!!”. “It’s like we can’t help but put out shit music. We really just write the same song over and over but with different lyrics and Americans eat that shit up”.

Unfortunately the band has no intentions of quitting anytime soon. “I’ll continue to pump out shite music as long as we get paid and I’m getting laid, I mean come on look at me. I have to be in a band to get laid. I look like a fucking horse!”.

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