Donald Duck Is The Cancel Culture’s Latest Victim. “He Should Pants Have On!” “It’s Beyond Vulgar!”


Disneyland, CA- Donald Duck has officially been shelved by Disney. Thousands and thousands of emails came flooding in from angry parents all over the world. “It is beyond vulgar that Donald be allowed to run around without pants on”, one parent said. “He should have pants on! Everyone can see his nether regions!!”.

Even though Donald Duck has remained out of the spotlight for many many years, the consensus is that he should be wiped from history unless “they can go back and add pants on every image of him ever”. That would be a very expensive endeavor according to Disney insider Clark Griswald, “To go back and alter every image of Donald, would be a labor and time intensive project that would cost millions. Sad to say but it would be cheaper just to remove him from all our catalogues”.

Daily News Reported Editor-in-chief, George Bowlin had this to say of his childhood favorite, “Donald was my guy growing up. Mickey was too G-rated, Goofy was too dumb, but Donald had an edge. He was fallible and relatable. Unfortunately some people have to shit all over everything. And now he’s gonna hit the long dark road of cartoon carnage. Sad day in the history of history”.

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