Science Has Created A Way To Turn Your Sleep Into Cryptocurrency


Bakersfield, CA- Scientists at the National Center For The Furtherment Of Cryptocurrency Studies, have had a tremendous breakthrough. They have unlocked the ability to use your brains passive electroconginial currents to solve complex algorithms which can and will earn you crypto!

“Listen, I’m gonna get so rich off this breakthrough that I will be the next billionaire to rocket into space, plus I like helping people out and stuff.

Depending on your IQ, you can earn upwards of $1000 a night just for sleeping. It should come as no surprise that operators at the NCFTFDOCS (National Center For The Furtherment Of Cryptocurrency Studies), have been deluged from people all over the world who want to sign up to start earning. The NCFTFDOCS is in search of more voluntary test subjects because there is a finite amount of time a person’s sleep can be viable in the creation of a blockchain.

One caveat is that there is a 50/50 chance of losing all cognitive function of your body and you may become a vegetable. BUT you can still earn as a vegetable, albeit at a reduce rate. This is believed to be the future on crypto mining and will greatly help reduce all the greenhouse emissions created by electricity fueled mining solutions.

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