Man Drove His Chevy To The Levy, But The Levy Was Not Dry, His Girlfriend Was.


Butte, MT- Alex Cartwright (23) of Butte, went to impress his girlfriend by taking her to the levy and hopefully get to second base. Alex expected his levy dry and his woman wet. Instead They were swept away by a rogue wave and thrust deep into the levy.

His Ol’ lady Brenda was so pissed off her vagina almost turned to beef jerky it got so dry with frustration and anger at just how stupid Alex was. Why couldn’t he just take her to a nice motel off the side off the side of road like a normal guy.

I was gonna touch a boob. Maybe I freaked out a little thinking about 2nd base. I’m tired of playing with my tits.

Alex is out a car and if he doesn’t play it real nice, he will also be out of a girlfriend.

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