Rare Private Photo Shows Joel Osteen Hoarding Church Offerings


After news of a plumber finding a cache of cash in the mega preachers home, pictures surfaced of Joel Osteen showing off with hoards of cash. This image has caused a stir among other mega pastors. “Joel is untouchable. This picture of him with people’s hard earned money will result in no consequences. He can get away with anything. I do this and I’m written off for good. Must be nice to have Oprah and other high ranking hollywood power celebs in your back pocket”, an anonymous pastor said.

Osteen has made no official comment himself, but his church released this statement, “we trust Joel to deliver our money to God. If he wants to take silly pictures of himself with the money, we trust his judgement. He is our connection to getting into Heaven. Please leave him alone”.

Parishioners have started a fund for Joel Osteen, “in his time of need we have to show our support. We are raising just as much money as we can for Joel. It will be classified as a law fund, but of course he can do what he wants with it” Clark Merryweather co-founder of the Osteen fan club.

More is sure to develop in the coming days and weeks. As always you can count on dailynewsreported.com!

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