Woman Thrown Out Of Court For Audibly Breaking Wind With Her “Unkept” Vagina


Seattle, WA- Lisa Blockledder, was in court this past week to answer questions in regards to the crime of robbery she was arrested for. Every time the prosecutor would ask Ms. Blockledder a question, the defendant would queef (Fart from the vagina). To the question; “Is your name Lisa Blockledder?”, she let out a “Braaaappp” from her vagina.

When asked if she was at the scene of the crime on the night in question, Lisa replied with “fffrrraaappp brrrrrrrrrraap” and again it was from her vagina these sounds came. The Judge did not realize what was happening as quick as the District Attorney did. Again Lisa was questioned by the prosecution and again she queefed a response, but this time the judge caught wind of what she was up to.

There was an atrocious fish smell the followed her vaginal farting, I couldn’t help but attribute it to an unkept vagina.”, Judge Endiger.

Trying regain order in the court, the judge asked her if she believed she could compose herself and answer the questions properly. Ms. Blockledder’s response to the his request was to let out several long, slow and loud farts from her vagina . It was at this point she was detained for her defiance and removed from court where she will be spending the next few days in solitary confinement.

“Defendants are always trying to find a way to trick the system or waste time. Anything to disrupt the criminal justice system. We cannot stand for her mockery of our democracy. She will learn from her follies and I hope the judge will agree with us and sentence her to the maximum jail sentence he can impose for her crimes of robbery and contempt”, said D.A. Albert Delagarza.

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