Betty White Dead At 99. She Would Have Turned 100 Next Month


Betty White has passed away earlier today at the age of 99 at her home. In just 18 days she would have reached 100 years old. Betty White was everyone’s sarcastic, take no shit grandmother. Pictures of her flipping off the camera reached all corners of the internet exposing new generations to her sense of humor. She had lived through more world events than you and I are likely to ever encounter.

Many of us will remember her from The Golden Girls or Hot In Cleveland, but she had been star in Hollywood for over 8 decades and appeared in many, many movies, radio and television shows. Betty was also a staunch supporter of animal rights. If we think about it, she has been somewhat of a constant in our lives and now that she is gone things will never seem the same. Her mortality is a stark reminder to us to try and remember to enjoy each moment as you never know when it may end.

Betty was around for all our lives. Now we must keep her alive in memory and spirit.

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