McDonald’s Crew Member Admits To Putting Boogers In Your Burgers


Larry Kline of Jersey Village Texas, has been an McDonald’s employee for 3 years and is what you might call an average employee. Nothing special comes to mind when you think of Larry and we think he likes it that way. One of his pet peeves is when someone complains about their order being wrong and then demanding for a replacement and a refund. Larry doesn’t understand that logic.

Here’s how Larry deals with these customers. When someone needs their food to be remade, he will offer to do it himself. This usually pleases the customer knowing it will personally be handled by someone they have spoken with. When Larry leaves the register and goes to the prep table to put together a burger, he digs deep into his nose to find a gnarly booger worth placing in the sandwich.

Carefully disguised amongst the onions and pickles, he gets a huge amount of satisfaction from his creation. With a smile he gladly hands over the fresh burger and gladly will refund the customer. By the end of the day Larry will had customized about 10-12 burgers. “It’s the little things in life that keep me going”, says Larry. “I hope one day move on from putting boogers in burgers and maybe manage this place”. Well good luck Larry, we at are rooting for you!

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