KFC Under Fire For Using Headless Cloned Chickens From China.


In what can only be described as shocking, reports have leaked out that the FDA is investigating KFC for its use of headless cloned chickens from China. It is said that the “chickens” being bought all come from one family of chickens known for their tender tasty meat. The idea is not new. Far from it. But the application is strictly forbidden in America, let alone serving the chicken to paying customers.

Interpol and the United Nations will also be looking into the case to see what crimes may have been broken internationally. There is a level of outrage that is growing in certain states across America for a myriad of reasons. One thing we no for sure is that there have been no sicknesses reported as a result of the cloned chickens being consumed. If anything, everyone finds them ridiculously tasty.

Restaurants are still serving that finger lickin’ good good 👍

Yum, KFC’s parent company denied our request for an interview but did offer us this statement, “We take these allegations very seriously. We want everyone to feel confident that when they bite into a piece of KFC chicken, that it is indeed finger lickin’ good”. Not the response we were hoping for.

As of this moment there have been no shut downs of any restaurants. This may also explain why Panda Express is so damn tasty. More on this when it happens at dailynewsreported.com

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