Woman Accidentally Burns Van To The Ground When Snake Crawls In Her Window


Los Angeles, CA- Rebbeca Sineau was ordering dinner at a McDonald’s drive thru when a snake, unbeknownst to her, made its way up the drivers door and through the window. Needless to say it scared the shit out of her. “The damn thing quickly slithered over my lap and into the back of my van”. Desperately afraid of snakes she went into a panic. The Virginia Slim she was smoking fell to the floor. The order taker was losing his mind not knowing what was going on, which led to more confusion.

Forgetting all about her order, Rebecca dove out through the window knocking her wig off and leaving it on the floorboard. Running inside the restaurant she explained what was going on and BOOM! there was an explosion. Her van had caught fire. Now she was besides herself with grief. From a snake to a burnt down van. Today was a bad day.

The cause of all this trouble.

Firefighters we called to put out the blaze. Rebecca relayed the story about the snake and had no idea why the van caught fire. Fire investigators said they found no sign of a snake, but claimed that “a lit Virginia Slim had ignited a wig that was heavily covered in hairspray”. No Snake?! It was ruled accidental and insurance would cover her. She was offered anything on the menu she wanted as a consultation for her troubles.

On her way out of the restaurant she headed towards the Uber she called, turned to the left and saw the damn snake crawling up the wall of McDonald’s. Shaking her head, she got in the Uber and enjoyed a hot fry on the way home.

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