Mans Face Got Stuck Like That After His Grandma Said It Would… 25 Years Ago!


Richie Rivers never listened much to his elders growing up. He was one of those kids running around in restaurants that you would want to trip. He would cause a ruckus in class, fart in grocery store and blame his baby brother. This kid was hyperactive during a time that thrived on shoveling adderall to parents of rowdy kids. Yes, you could say Richie was a handful.

One day at a family picnic Richie was kicking people in the arse. Just running around literally kicking people in the ass. Until his grandmother got ahold of him by the scruff of his neck. Richie stuck his tongue out to blow a raspberry and his grandma squeezed his check and said, “you better be careful or you face is gonna stay like that! now get gone!”.

To Richie’s horror, his face has been stuck like that for 25 years. Turns out when his grandma squeezed his cheeks, she damaged the tongualinear adelbrook nerves in his tongue. The damage would make his tongue essentially useless for the rest of his life. It just lays there outside his mouth.

Richie was called for comments and had this to say, “Mhhhmm durr hurrr dee durr durr. Nuuuuhna uughrrr.”, said Rivers.

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