Florida Woman Loses Dog While On A 13 Day Tanning Binge


Karen Karens of Miami, FL was out tanning at a local beach with her dog Chadwick. Karen fell asleep while tanning and was out of it for 13 days. She sure loves a good tan. When she came out of her slumber, Chadwick had vanished.

Karen went nuts. She went up and down the boardwalk demanding to speak to the manager of each storefront. Karen was rebuffed at most places because not everyone values their time so little as to engage with her.

As a last resort Karen Karens went to the local no-kill animal shelter. There was Chadwick!!! Once again Karen asked to see the manager. The manager explained that Chadwick had show up 13 days prior whining to get in. Seemed Chadwick was hoping for a quit adoption to a new home.

Chadwick would not leave his kennel with Karen. The manager started to not be comfortable releasing the dog to Karen and with that she wanted to speak to his manager, but he was the head honcho and legally it was up to him to protect the dog. Karen promises to take this case all the way to the supreme court if she has to.

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