Woman Finds Hamburger From 1994 Under Her Right Boob


Camarillo, CA- Belinda Miles (55), went to get a physical for a new job this past week. While being examined the doctor lifted up her right breast for inspection and out popped a hamburger. A complete hamburger at that!

Embarrassed and stunned, Belinda tried to wrack her brain as to how the hell this came to be. And like a bolt of lightning she remembered. “I had put a cheeseburger from McDonalds under my tit when I went to see Forrest Gump. Had to sneak in some snacks. You know what I mean?”.

Honestly I was Hoping Some Fries Would Pop Out Too – Dr. Slidens

There is no permanent damage to her person or to the burger, which she took home and popped in the microwave. Questions concerning the longevity of this burgers lifespan have come into question, but Belinda would like to move past the incident, “If I told you some of the things i’ve got hidden right now, you’d forget all about the burger. So let’s just go ahead and pretend like this never happened and we will all go our merry way”.

Slim chance of forgetting the cheeseboober Belinda 😂😂

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