Woman Addicted To Plastic Surgery, Has Her Vagina Replaced With A “Nicer” One From A Cadaver


Valeria Lukyanova (37), is internationally known as the “Human Barbie” because of the extensive plastic surgery she has done on herself. Valeria has spent well over $3million to look the way she does and there does not seem to be an end in sight. She is making news today after revealing that she had her “used” vagina replaced with that of a deceased college co-ed who died in a tragic car accident.

This particular surgery sent Valeria back $500k. “My vagina had taken a beating over the years and was the one area of my body that needed the most work. I did what I have done everywhere on my body and had my vagina improved. Well to be honest it was a complete replacement which is indeed a definite improvement”, said Valeria Lukyanova.

Valeria is all smiles with her new vagina.

“My new vagina was and is everything my old one no longer was. I feel like I have a new lease on my sex life and my partner is beyond thrilled. Not to mention how great it looks between my legs”, she said. Valeria has not revealed the exact details of how she came into possession of this “new vagina”, but that it was all done in accordance with state and local laws, as well as within the wishes of the donor and their family.

“It was again a pleasure to work with Valeria. I have had the privilege of performing the majority of her surgeries.”, Dr. Peter Medvadenko

Valeria has told Daily News Reported that she is still not done “improving” herself and that “life is all about constant improvement”.

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