Woman Crashes Car Into Walmart After Losing Her Place In Line For Black Friday Deals.


Houston, TX- Shirley Andover (59) of Spring Texas is sitting in Harris county jail this afternoon after plowing her vehicle into a Houston area Walmart. Andover was waiting in line outside of a Walmart Supercenter to hopefully take advantage of some Black Friday doorbuster deals. Shirley wanted to have a cigarette but had left them in her car. She asked those around her if they would hold her “spot” in line if she went to have a cigarette and they said they would.

According to Shirley, when she returned after her smoke break to retake her place in line, the very same people who said they would hold her place, said that they had no idea who she was and that she, “better get to the end of the line“.

Without a word Shirley Andover returned to her vehicle and drove directly at the line of people. Fortunately everyone was able to dodge the oncoming car before she plowed directly into the front of the Walmart. She would exit her car yelling, “Now no one is getting any f*cking deals!

Authorities arrived shortly after to place her into custody. With the amount of video evidence against her, she will likely plead guilty and face a mandatory 10 years in prison. Stay tuned to dailynewsreported.com as more of this story unfolds.

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