Man Apologizes In Court To The People He Shit On While Riding A Rollercoaster


Los Angeles- Edward Villareal (35) made news some weeks back when he was unable to control his bodily functions while on a rollercoaster. He splashed a dozen people riding the rollercoaster with diarrhea that day. Edward was beyond embarrassed at the time of the accident and promptly went home to change and put the whole incident behind him.

While Edward was making his way home, the 12 others that were hit with his fecal matter received free park passes and an apology from the theme park itself. Several of those hit with Mr. Villareal’s diarrhea got sick and while others had “Traumatic Flashbacks“. The 12 victims all filed a joint civil suit against Edward Villareal.

Each person was requesting $10k in damages as well as a public apology. The cases was subsequently settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. Edward Villareal did apologize to his victims publicly on the stand, “My sincerest apologies to all the people that have suffered due to my accident. It was never my intention to harm anyone and I am deeply remorseful. I have made a pledge to myself to never ride another rollercoaster in my life lest this ordeal may happen again. I know my words can never make up the hurt I have caused. I accept the full responsibility for my actions“, said Villareal.

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