She Ate Nothing But Nachos Before Giving Birth To A 15lbs Baby Boy. Now She Will Spend The Next 10 Years In Prison On Child Abuse Charges


Victorville, CA- Wendy and Louis Reynolds welcomed 15lb. baby boy Paul into the world earlier this week. For Wendy and Paul this is their first child and they wanted the whole experience to be one they would never forget. The couple and their newborn, first started to garner the attention of the media when word leaked out of a 15lb. baby boy being born at a local hospital. It’s not everyday a child comes into the world weighing that much and local reporters wanted to know more.

The new parents could barely contain their excitement when speaking with reporters. When the question was raised as to what the mother’s diet was like that resulted in such a large child, the reporter knew he had stumbled onto a one of a kind story. “If we’re being completely honest, with the support and guidance of my husband, we decided I should eat nothing but nachos while carrying our child. Our ultimate goal with this decision was to be able to say with absolute certainty that our child is made from 100% nachos”, said Wendy Reynolds.

“And it is with great pride we can say our son, Paul, is the product of the tasty any time of day meal, nachos. The great thing about nachos is that you can add whatever toppings you want to tortilla chips and it’s still nachos. One time I was really craving rocky road ice-cream but I was hesitant to eat something other than nachos and ruining my perfect track record of eating nothing but the tasty meal. That’s when Paul told me to just pile some ice-cream on-top of my nachos. That was a real turning point in the pregnancy. I soon realized that my nachos could only be limited to my imagination. It was game on from that point”.

Paul Reynolds was born weighing 15lbs. even. He is in perfect health, spare for a few extra pounds. His parents have already begun piecing together a scrapbook for their son on his journey from embryo to a baby made from 100% nachos. Lifetime Movie Network is apparently interested in basing a movie on the Reynolds family story.

Due the popularity and exposure of this story originally reported on, a San Bernardino Deputy District Attorney successfully tired and convicted Wendy Reynold on charges of child abuse and endangerment. She will be spending the next 10 years in prison.

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