EMT’s Busted Using Ambulance As A Makeshift Mobile Brothel


Houston, TX- 3 Houston area EMT’s have been arrested and detained in Harris county jail after the trio were caught by undercover detectives running a makeshift brothel out the back of their ambulance. Detectives discovered that; Jenny Miller (22), Ryan Fisher (21), and Jeremy Cline (24) would use their company assigned ambulance after hours, and then use that ambulance as a cover for selling sexual favors all over the downtown Houston area under the guise of medical emergencies.

The trio had accomplices all over that would search out clients at the local bars and clubs in downtown Houston, while they waited for a call back in the ambulance. When a call came in, the ambulance would arrive to the location agreed upon and take in their client “John” as if they were in need of medical assistance. Once inside the ambulance, they would drive to an undisclosed location and depending on the clients desires, 1 or all 3 of them would engage in sexual acts with one another for a fee.

As with most criminals, they got sloppy and information was leaked onto social media which aided detectives in their pursuit of justice. “Criminals are ever evolving and are getting better at hiding in plain sight. It saddens me that these 3 EMT’s chose to use their position’s as trusted servants of the medical community to help aid in their crimes. Let it be known that crime still does not pay in Houston and we will be handing over all information to the district attorney’s office and not rest until justice is served”, said Detective John Forrester.

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