Prisoner Turned To Ashes While Attempting To Escape Prison


Huntsville, TX- Temporarily escaped convict Loetta Carmichael (44), has been located earlier this afternoon. Her DNA was matched to cremated ashes that were suspected of belonging to her. Loetta Carmichael was serving 25 years to life at Texas State Prison at Huntsville, for a string of robberies she committed as an associate of an outlaw biker gang. Loetta’s work detail had her in the morgue sweeping up and taking out trash most days. The idea of spending the rest of her life in prison was more than she could handle. She was going to escape. She had to escape.

Apparently Loetta decided it would be best to hide in a body bag and wait to be picked up for cremation just like the corpses in the coolers. She could escape out the back of the van, on the way to the crematory, and be well on her way out of town before anyone would be the wiser.

A resourceful person, Loetta somehow managed to get inside the body cooler, while inside a zipped body bag. Authorities would later surmise that she lost consciousness due to low oxygen levels inherent with body coolers. The refrigerators that are used to store the deceased, are designed to remove oxygen to help slow decomposition. Loetta would not have known about the oxygen deprivation until she herself began to suffocate.

An unconscious Loetta was taken from the body cooler to the crematory where she was subsequently cremated. Her escape was successful in the sense that she did flee from prison, but an utter failure because it cost her life. Family and friends of Loetta Carmichael have been notified and a private funeral service is set for net week. Prison officials have been cleared of any wrong doing.

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