Man Uses A Homemade EMP Grenade To Shut Down His Neighbor’s Late Night Party.


Newbury Park, CA- This past weekend Frank Hamford (35), put his homemade EMP grenade to the test for the first time. His neighbor was having late night party that seemed to never end. Around 1am, after several failed attempts to get police to shut the party down, Frank took matters into his own hands.

An EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) grenade will disable any electronic device within its effective radius. Frank’s grenade wound up having an effective radius of more than 100ft. When Frank activated the grenade, all electronic devices within that 100ft+ radius, flickered, flashed, and ultimately failed. Cellphones, tablets, modems, TV’s, computers, even the electric cars inside the radius were rendered useless.

The effect produced was far greater than Frank had imagined. He didn’t mind so much that all his devices stopped working though, so long as the party was over and he could get some sleep. The following morning Frank awoke to knocking on his front door, it was the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department hoping to have a word about the events of the previous night. Before they could ask a follow-up question, Frank admitted to everything that had happened.

“I used my homemade EMP grenade to shut down that damn party that your peers failed to get under control. Go ahead and lock me up! I’m a taxpaying American and I know my rights”. One Deputy Sheriff said, “It’s good you know your rights because, you have the right to remain silent…”.

The Department of Homeland Security will co-conduct an investigation with the help of local law enforcement agencies. If found guilty of domestic terrorism, which is a very likely outcome, Frank Hamford may spend the rest of his days behind bars all for a good nights sleep.

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