Walt Disney’s Frozen Body Will Be Thawed Out And Reanimated December 2023


Disneyland, CA- Walt Disney was frozen in a cryogenic tank shortly after he died in the hopes that science would one day be able to reanimate his frozen body after a cure for his ailments were found. The time to test that theory has come. This coming December, to mark the 57th anniversary of Mr. Disney’s passing, The Cryonics Institute will set in motion reanimation procedures.

This whole event will be captured and recorded in a variety of ways. There will also be a live feed to see if Walt does wake up immediately. Sources inside The Cryonics Institute says it will take up to a week to know for sure if their efforts will have been successful.

Not Only did Walt hope for a cure, but he was also obsessed with what the world would be like in the future. With the immense amount of changes that have occurred since his passing, we suspect there will be a steep learning curve, but who better than Mr. Disney himself to navigate this new world. It’s really a small world after all.

dailynewsreported.com has made an agreement with the Disney family, that they will be the first to have an opportunity to interview Walt Disney upon his full recovery.

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