A Rotten Smelling Vagina Forces Passenger Jet To Make An Emergency Landing


Los Angeles, CA- A plane made an emergency at LAX today after a suspicious smell became overly concerning to the flight crew. American Airlines flight 1607 had taken off only 30 minutes prior when the pilot decided the risk too great to proceed with a smell so foul.

A short flight to Las Vegas, where there was no food being served, began to be overtaken by a potent and pungent fish smell. Concerned that this may be a bio-terror event, the pilot took no chances with the safety of the crew and passengers, and made preparations for an emergency landing.

Local CDC and Hazmat crews were on the tarmac when flight 1607 touched down. Passengers were sent to tents in groups of 10 where they could be examined. After about 20 minutes it was determined that one passenger, a woman whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy, had what was determined to be a “Yeast Infection” that was in serious need of medical attention. Her vagina was traced back as the cause of the plane’s “Fish” smell, which resulted in the unscheduled emergency landing.

This individual was taken off the tarmac and back to the terminal where she could receive on-site support for her vaginal complications.

Flight 1607 would eventually be cancelled to allow cleaning crews de-funk the plane’s cabin for all ensuing flights. All of the remaining passengers were re-routed to other flights headed for Las Vegas. Airport officials declined our repeated requests for an interview. Stay tuned to dailynewsreported.com as more of this story unfolds.

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