Leaked Outtake Photo From 1987 Shows Joe Biden With Cocaine On His Desk


Washington, D.C.- An alternate version of a press photo taken in 1987 of the then Senator Joe Biden, shows what appears to be a small plate white powder on the Senators desk. Rumors have swirled that back in the 1980’s Biden has a taste for cocaine. This undoctored photo was sent to out anonymously to media outlets earlier today.

Everyone is aware of the President’s son and his proclivity for cocaine, so this news comes as little shock to many. “I guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree”, said a senator who wished to remain anonymous.

Good news for the President is that if this photo came to light a decade ago, he may have been black balled by the democratic party and sent to politician purgatory. “The fact this photo surfaced in 2022 bodes well for the President. While a photo depicting drug use is not something he would want exposed, it also is not something that moves the needle in terms of shock value. People today are exposed to more than ever. This will probably increase his approval rating among younger voters”, said Washington insider Lawrence Barclay.

The Biden administration has refused to comment on the photo.

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