Couple Conspire To Feed Man His Own Severed Finger To Set Up A Lawsuit Against Woman’s Workplace


Houtson, TX- Trishelle Simmons (28) and James Douglas (32), have both been arrested on charges ranging from; Improper handling of food to Extortion. Trishelle works at a local Raising Cane’s where she spends most her days deep frying their signature chicken fingers and dealing with the public. Tired of the never ending cycle of being a fast food worker, Trishelle put together an idea to make a quick buck and she would need her boyfriend, James to help her out.

It had been a while since someone had successfully sued a fast food restaurant over something frivolous and won a nice settlement. Trishelle had grand plans of making the news with some outrageous wrong that would need to be righted. Being an employee of Raising Cane’s, Trishelle already had a wealthy company to extort.

The plan was for James to purchase the chicken fingers combo and mixed in with the chicken was to be an actual human finger. James would subsequently take a bite of the finger and sue the restaurant. Now all they needed was a finger that Trishelle could deep-fry and add to his combo.

Trishelle convinced James that it would be best if they used one of his fingers as they didn’t want anyone complaining about a missing finger. Trishelle removed his left pinky finger with a swift strike of an axe. James put the finger in a baggy and stored it in the refrigerator for Trishelle to take to work the next day.

“Trishelle and James will be having their meals prepared for them for quite sometime”

The plans was for James to show up around noon in which time Trishelle would fry up the finger along with the chicken. Just before noon he arrived and ordered his food. Trishelle kept an eye on which order was his and when the “fingers” were cooked she placed them onto his tray. James’ number was called and he took his food to a nearby booth to enjoy.

“What the fuck is this shit?! Where did this motherfucking finger come from?!”, James queried. He immediately began to post the crispy finger on social media tagging Raising Cane’s and garnering a lot of attention. Trishelle could see the story was becoming viral and that her plan may actually work out. Raising Cane’s contacted James in an effort to set things right.

Parallel to Raising Cane’s contacting James about making things right, they also contacted the Houston Police Department to help find out the origins of the fried finger. Swiftly Raising Canes offered James $100k to settle out of the courtrooms and to minimize public awareness of the event. It would take up to a week for Cane’s corporate and legal team to come up with a check for James.

Police were able to get a partial print off of the fried digit. After running it through the finger print database they got a hit and it was traced back to none other than James Douglas himself. The day he was supposed to pick up his $100k check, James was arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud. He was wearing gloves when apprehended and a quick check of his fingers showed that he indeed was missing a pinky finger and the stub had yet to fully heal.

Faced with the evidence against him, James worked with authorities to build a case against Trishelle. She was subsequently arrested and faces multiple charges of her own. Both are being held on $500k bail in the Harris County Jail.

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