Man Found Smoking His Boogers In A Courthouse Bathroom. He Gets His 3rd Felony Strike After His Boogers Test Positive For Cocaine


Larry Gibbons of Houston Texas was at the courthouse early Wednesday morning for a hearing about his 2nd DUI. While waiting to see the judge, Larry started feeling a little agitated. Not able to leave the building for a smoke, he went to the bathroom with the intent of sneaking in a puff or two.

He forgot that he didn’t bring his cigarettes in with him so he made a makeshift pipe out of a soda can. When he was a kid Larry would smoke anything. One time his friends dared him to smoke one of his boogers and he did. Larry had a pleasant memory of smoking his boogers as a kid. A “calm, cool and relaxing feeling” he would later describe to friends.

The memory of smoking boogers returned with a rush of excitement. Larry dug out several large crusty boogers and placed them in his makeshift pipe. He ignited his lighter and smoked the boogers until they were ash. All of the sudden he got a strange feeling. A rush of adrenaline.

Mr. Gibbons is now under watch until we can check all possible sources of cocaine on his person. He will stand trial for his 3rd felony charge later this year.

Courtroom officers heard coughing and retching coming from the bathroom. It was not unusual to find someone so nervous that they would be vomiting in the bathroom. But there was a strange smell emitting from underneath the bathroom door and it warranted taking a closer look. The officers caught Larry in the act. He was apprehended for smoking within a government building. The officers could not tell what it was he was smoking so they sent a sample in for testing. It came back positive for cocaine.

Turns out after years of consuming cocaine nasally, Larry’s boogers were saturated with the drug. Smoking his boogers ignited the narcotic effects of the cocaine, making him quite possibly the only person arrested for smoking cocaine boogers ever. Since he had two prior unrelated felonies, he faces up to 25 years to life in prison.

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