A Walmart Employee’s Makeshift Meth Lab Catches Fire


Oxnard, CA- Marylouise McGraw(51) single handedly blew up a Walmart Superstore Saturday night when she foolishly lit a cigarette while mixing chemicals for her homemade batch of methamphetamines. Marlylouise worked at the Oxnard location of Walmart for 3 months before she began cooking meth in the camping and sporting goods section.

Apparently she would set up camp and use items collected in store to produce her homemade product. And while no one was injured in the explosion, a reported 3 million dollars of damage to property and merchandise will keep her behind bars and owing restitution for quite some time.

The security guard who was supposed to be on watch the night of the explosion was apparently sleeping in his truck after having sex with the perpetrator. She bribed the guard with sex to leave his post. He has subsequently been terminated and is under suspicion as an accomplice.

The store located in Oxnard California will remain open in a limited capacity while repairs are being made.

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