Britney Spears Kicks Stalker In The Face And He Doesn’t Seem To Mind At All


Los Angeles, CA- Clark Smitts (44), was arrested after getting involved in a kerfuffle with Pop Star Britney Spears. Smitts has a known history of stalking and pestering Spears as well as several other celebrities. His “dream” was to just give her a “hug”.

Spears was leaving a Gelson’s market in the greater Los Angeles area when she was approached from behind by Smitts. He went in for a reverse hug and Spears almost instinctively spun around a delivered a high kick directly to his face rendering him unconscious. Spears has spent many hours in self-defense combat training due to the years of stalkers and over-eager fans. Authorities were called and Clark Smitts was hauled away.

Neither Ms. Spears or her representatives were unavailable for comment at the time of this writing. Clark Smitts is in a peaceful state in L.A. county’s twin towers. Word has it that he is over the moon with his facial injury and hopes it leaves scars as a permanent reminder of his run in with Britney Spears. The arraignment for Smitts will be held later this week.

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