Does Ketchup Belong On Steak? Man Granted Emergency Annulment (Divorce) After He Discovers His New Wife Uses Ketchup On Steak


Houston, TX- Melissa Sanchez (28) has been served emergency annulment papers from the state of Texas. The annulment ends the marriage immediately and both sides are free to go their separate ways. Melissa was married to Larry Banks (30) for less that 48hrs before he sought to end the marriage.

Melissa and Larry had a world wind relationship that ended in marriage less than 6 months after meeting. The couple married in Galveston Texas and set off on a honeymoon cruise shortly after. It was on the cruise when it all came tumbling apart.

“Here’s a little song I call ‘She used ketchup on steak and that was my mistake'”, Larry Banks

“We were having a nice filet for dinner and as I turned to get the server’s attention for some extra napkins, I caught Melissa out of the corner of my eye reaching for a bottle of Heinz 57. I thought it must be a joke man, I mean who puts ketchup of a Filet Mignon? Apparently Melissa does. I knew at that point I had made a huge mistake and it could never work for us. How could I bring a woman around my family that puts ketchup of steak? I would never hear the end of it from my Grandad. There was no choice but to end the marriage.”, said Larry Banks.

A shocked Melissa spoke to us with her brother in attendance for moral support, “It’s just a little ketchup on some beef. I don’t understand what the big deal is. He put ketchup on his hamburger at lunch, I don’t see the difference. How could he love me so much one day and want to be with me forever and then just “poof” over a food condiment. I suppose if he was going to show me his true colors and flip out, that I am glad he did it so soon and spared worse pain down the road. But I am still in so much shock”.

The judge who gave the green-light on the annulment was unavailable for comment at time of this writing.

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