Woman Tries To Rob A Liquor Store Using Her Breast Milk As A Deadly Weapon.


Los Angeles, CA- Veronica Williams (27) is in Los Angeles County Jail tonight awaiting her arraignment for attempted armed robbery and aggravated assault in the 3rd degree. Veronica was arrested late last night after a call for help came in from a liquor store she had just tried to rob.

According to the store clerk, Ms. Williams came into the store just before closing and was brandishing her two “full and milky breasts”. She told the clerk that she was infected with HIV and that if he didn’t give her all the money in the till she would spray him with her tainted milk. What Ms. Williams failed to account for was the man she was threatening, had already acquired HIV some years back and was not in fear of her “tainted” breast milk.

When the man would not open the register and give her the money, she did in fact spray him with her breast milk causing quite a mess. Frustrated at not being able to successfully rob the liquor store, Veronica Williams left on foot and was later tracked down by police who followed a trail of milk back to her apartment doorstep 1 block away.

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