High School Teacher Arrested For Squirting Vaginal Fluid In Front Of Her Students


Humble, TX- Courtney Vanhousen (31), was picked up by Humble Police after a frantic call came in from the high school where she taught. The caller said that she was performing “sex acts” in front of her students. Ms. Vanhousen has been a Sexual Education teaching for the past 5 years and her students have always raved about how much they enjoyed her class.

This past week a male student tried to get under her skin and ask random, rude, and sexual things to his teacher all in the name of “education”. When he pressed her on what “Squirting” is, Ms. Vanhousen, according to reports and cellphone footage, lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties down and began to “vigorously” masturbate with her right hand. “You wanna learn about squirting?” she said between heavy breaths, “Well consider this your first lesson” and boom! A liquid explosion emanated from her vagina hitting the rambunctious male student in the face and eyes, leaving him temporarily blinded.

She began to double down on her masturbatory movements and shot 3 more vaginal squirts into the air before calmly pulling her panties back up and lowering her skirt. A stunned classroom sat in silence while she called the janitor in to clean up the mess. “Any more questions?”, she asked. No one replied. Unbeknownst to her, several of her students had fled while she was squirting about. One student called authorities, while 2 more went directly to the School’s administration office. The students quickly explained the situation, prompting the school officer to call in for back-up. Once more officers arrived on scene, Miss Vanhousen arrested and taken down to Harris County Jail without incident. Her arraignment is scheduled for next week.

Test were ran by doctors on the students hit with her vaginal fluid, and all were given a clean bill of health when the results came in.

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