Man Recovering Well After The First Successful Horse Penis Transplant Surgery


Sugarland, TX- Chase McKinney (26), is recovering in a Houston based hospital. Chase was the recipient of a horse penis and his surgery was the first time attaching a horse penis onto a human was a success. Chase had what was referred to as a “micro penis”. A micro penis is a penis that measures less than 3 inches in length when erect. Living in Texas where everything is “Bigger”, Chase couldn’t help but feeling like he was coming up short.

Chase and his 2.5 inch penis have been laughed out of more beds than he can count. Growing up on a farm he was always in awe of the stud horses and their girthy masculine penises. Months and months of online research paired him up with a doctor who specialized in experimental, intra-species reproductive transplant surgery.

“The success of this surgery is great news for 1000’s of men with micro-penises”, Dr. Aberacki

Obviously this surgery could not take place in America with all the rules and restrictions regarding this type of surgery. Not to mention all the ethical quagmires as well. To protect the innocent, we will only go so far as to say that the surgery took place south of the border. A pretty straightforward procedure, but a time consuming one. 14 hours of surgery later and an adult male horse penis jutted from Chase McKinney’s pelvis. Once Chase was in stable condition he was transported via helicopter to the hospital in Houston where he currently is residing.

So far Chase is able to obtain and maintain a rather large erection. He has yet to try and ejaculate. Sutures will be removed in a couple weeks and then he will be free to use and abuse his new penis as much as he wants.

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