Amish Man Found Riding His Horse On A Miami Beach Admits To Eating His Family After Record Snowstorm Traps Them Inside Their Home.


Miami, Florida- A ghostly pale man riding a horse drew attention on the beaches of Miami. A lifeguard thought he’d talk to the man since it was obvious he didn’t spend much time at the beach and wanted to make sure he would be cautious if he went into the ocean. When speaking to the man (later identified as Langford Hornsby) the lifeguard, who has asked to remain nameless, noticed dried blood around the mouth of Hornsby and chunks of some sort clumped meat in his hair.

The lifeguard alerted the local authorities and upon seeing Hornsby in this manner. Police brought him in for questioning. He was asked what the blood around his mouth and the chunks of meat in his hair were from. In reply to the blood and chunks, Hornsby was forthcoming and admitted to it being an extremely cold season in Lancaster County, Penn.

Langford explained that he and his family were snowed in without food. In a matter of fact way he told the he and his family did what they had to do to ensure survival. So after the first family member died, they were eaten, and the next, and so on until it was just Langford left. The ordeal sent him into a psychosis and he rode his horse through the night to Miami for reasons unknown.

Authorities are still trying to figure out jurisdictional issues as to whether this is strictly an Amish matter or not. Please check for updates as more information becomes available.

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