Picture Of 2 Ukrainian Grandmothers Who Stole A Russian Tank Surfaces On The Internet


Zhytomyr, Ukraine- Two grandmothers, two village matriarch’s had had enough with Russian forces patrolling their small village. Imposed curfews and rationed foods were too much for these women to handle. According to witnesses the two women simply got aboard an unoccupied Russian T-14 Armata tank and took off towards Russian soldiers.

Occupying Russian forces quickly dispersed as they were not ready to confront the ladies and their new tank. They shot holes in the Russian forces vehicles, rendering them useless. Within 2hrs. the woman had emptied their small village of all Russian forces and continued to patrol throughout the night.

People have flocked over from other villages to see these two heroes for themselves. They have been dubbed the Ukrainian “Thelma and Louise” for their heroics. The ladies did not want to comment directly as they are not looking for adoration or applause. According to those close to the women, they just want to return to normal day to day activities.

These ladies are quickly becoming unsung heroes and national sensations.

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