Biker Woman Claims Biden Offered Her Anal Sex In Exchange For Her Vote While Campaigning For President In 2019


Sheela Getty (42) of Henderson Nevada Claims that while Joe Biden was on the campaign trail before becoming president, he had offered her anal sex in exchange for her vote. Biden had visited a local restaurant where he met Getty. According to her, “He offered to enter me from behind like it was some prize to have his penis in my butt. “Ride my hog”, he said. And to top it off, he wanted my vote as well! I’m not against anal sex, in fact I quite enjoy it, but I would have never voted for him. Look what he’s done to gas prices. I can barely afford to ride my hog anymore.”, Sheela says.

Apparently Biden had asked this of Sheela within minutes of meeting her. One can only imagine if there are others like her with similar stories to be told. Whether or not Sheela’s story is true, is up in the air. President Biden’s camp will not comment other than saying that, “these are baseless allegations from a known drug user and fornicator”. Sheela will be appearing on Dr. Phil soon where she “promises” to set the record straight.

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