An Unexpected Orgasm Causes Woman To Crash Into Building


Shelia McNamara (33) of Los Angeles California crashed into a dental office late Thursday night. On scene witnesses report that there were no other vehicles involved in the accident. According to police reports, Mrs. McNamara was on her way home from a dinner date when a she turned onto a rather bumpy road.

The road coupled with worn out shocks, caused vibrations which in turn caused her seat to vibrate and subsequently caused vibrations and sexual arousal to her person. After a couple blocks of the uneven pavement she achieved an explosive orgasm, at which time Shelia accidentally stepped on the gas, lost control of the vehicle and crashed right into the building.

Fortunately the dental office was closed and unoccupied. Injuries to Mrs. McNamara are mostly superficial and she is expected to be released from the hospital after blood is drawn to test for drugs and or alcohol. A quick scan of the cars wreckage provided plenty of evidence of a solo sexual encounter. “The interior of the vehicle was wet and sticky. We are running tests to find out the origin”, an officer on scene said. Authorities are treating the situation as a suspicious incident and will conduct an investigation into the matter.

Shelia McNamara has refused our request for an interview.

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