Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Husband By Cashing In His Rare Coin Collection Worth Over $77,000 At A CoinStar Machine For $63.87


Jennifer Mayer (35) of Thousand Oaks California had recently found out that her husband Craig had been cheating on her… again! He made lots of sweet promises the first time he got caught. He swore he would never cheat again and always be faithful. So much for all of that. Jennifer discovered texts of a sexual nature on his phone and confronted her husband once again.

Craig replied in a similar manner as before saying that “This will never happen again” “You know I only love you baby”. Jennifer took it all in with a smile for she knew it was over and she also knew just how to get even with him.

“I had to hit him where it would really hurt him. I was going to cash in his ‘Precious’ coin collection”, Jennifer would later say. And that is exactly what Mrs. Mayer did, she gathered up all of his rare coins and put them into a pillowcase and headed on over to the nearest grocery store with a CoinStar machine. Now CoinStar is a convenient way to cash in your loose change, but for a fee of course. It is not something you want your rare coins getting near that’s for sure.

A dejected Craig has turned to a life of low budget rant videos since Jennifer left him.

Jennifer wasn’t worried about any fees at all because she was there to dump all her cheating husband’s precious rare coins into the machine and cash them in for a fraction of their value. “Because they are a married couple and what she cashed in was considered community property, no charges can be pressed and CoinStar is not responsible for having to return them either”, said a Police Department Spokesperson.

Craig is bitter and pissed off but there is nothing he can do now but lick his wounds and boy do they sting! Jennifer was given a voucher for $63.87, the cash price of the change minus fees. Craig had last had his collection appraised at over $77,000. The day Jennifer left Craig, she put the $63.87 on his nightstand and walked out of his life for good.

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