Wife Sues Husband For Making Popcorn In Her Vagina While She Slept


Jessica Detwiler awoke to a sudden and startling pain. The sound of popping corn intensified the pain. It took her about 10 seconds to grasp what was happening to her. “Popcorn was popping in my vagina and my husband had a bowl between my legs to catch it”, said Jessica. 

She tried to stop the popping but soon learned that she was going to have to let it play out as her vagina continued to produce popcorn for the next 30 seconds. Terry, her husband always loved his wife’s exceptionally warm vagina. He would often claim it was almost too hot at times. On the fateful night of the popcorn incident, Terry got completely wasted after his football team lost the game. When terry gets drunk he likes to eat.

“I have intensely studied the wounds Jessica suffered and I will make it my mission to see that justice is served”- Judge Lionell Trugo

Jessica had already gone to bed when a drunken terry got the idea that popcorn would be a great way to end the night, but with the microwave not working he had to think on the fly. That’s when he remembered his wife’s hot oven of a vagina. While Jessica peacefully slept, Terry filled her pleasure house to the brim with popcorn kernels. All he had to do now was wait. Within a minute popcorn was coming out her love palace and into his waiting bowl.

And this brings us to when Jessica woke up. “I was fucking besides myself. Terry knows I’m self conscious about the temperature of my pussy. How the fuck does it cross his mind as an acceptable idea? I don’t care if he was drunk, he crossed the line. I have 3rd degree burns on my vaginal walls and doctors are still not sure if I’ll ever have children. Fuck terry!”, said a dejected Jessica.

Jessica gets emotional during the photo evidence hearing and has to look away.

Jessica filed for divorce and sued terry on the same day. An emergency divorce was granted. Jessica is suing Terry in perpetuity for 50% of all his life earnings. It is an unheard of move for a judge to grant such a motion, but a husband popping corn in a vagina is pretty unheard of as well. Everyone expects the judge to rule in Jessica’s favor. In a strange twist of events, Jessica is now working with Jolly Time popcorn on a new line of gourmet flavored popcorns.

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