Woman Arrested After Sending Over 200k Text Messages In A Month To Ex-Boyfriend


Lucy Mills of Sarasota Florida has been arrested on charges of terroristic threats after her Ex-Boyfriend showed police evidence on over 200,000 text messages she had sent him in the past month alone. Chase Billings, the Ex, broke up with Ms. Mills a few months back when he realized she was a little too obsessive. In the days and weeks following the breakup he would go on to see just how crazy she really was.

Lucy would send hundreds of messages an hour. She would plead with him to take her back in one text and then threaten his life in another. All aspects of his life had been compromised due to her incessant messaging. “These weren’t just one or two word messages either. Some of them would be huge paragraphs. The FBI would later claim that she sent upwards of 75 million words to me over a two week period. It was just out of control man”, said Chase.

“Ms. Mills Claims this is all a mistake. The 1000’s upon 1000’s of text messages say otherwirse”, Sgt. Detective Attenborough.

When authorities saw the messages they put out an All Points Bulletin (APB) to law enforcement agencies across America to be on the look out for her. She was easily caught by triangulating cellphone towers to pinpoint her location. Lucy was taken into custody and was a crying mess. She pled with the arresting officers to sends texts on her behalf to win Chase back.

Dozens of cellphones and tablets were found at her residence. It would appear that she learned how to type on two devices at once to maximize her output of messages. The most disturbing revelation was that she had constructed a room with the sole purpose of kidnapping Chase. “Mr. Billings has no idea how lucky he is that he came to us when he did. Ms. Mills is one sick puppy and would have in my opinion tortured and or killed him”, Sgt. Detective Attenborough.

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