Her Kidnapper Forced Her To Eat 74 Big Macs A Day Or Face Death


Kelly Rogers (28) of Beaumont Texas was released earlier today by her Captor after being kidnapped weeks prior. She was unaccounted for over 6 weeks. Kelly went to the store for groceries and never came back. Her family was sick with worry and her 6 Children, all under the age of 8 were lost without her. There was never a word from her or a ransom note for police to go on. The only choice was to wait for contact from either Kelly or whomever may have been responsible for her disappearance.

So when she showed up Sunday morning at her front door her family rejoiced, “They overwhelmed me with love and support. I knew I was gonna have to tell them my ordeal. I was scared what they would think, but my family had to know”. She would go on to tell her story;

Here’s a little song I wrote for a fundraiser in Kelly’s name called, “Damn girl you got my special sauce on your face again” it goes a little something like this…

“I must have been drugged because I came to in a locked room with cameras. A voice would speak to me through speakers and once a day someone would place 74 Big Macs in the room with me. I was told if I did not eat them all that harm would come to me or my family. Facing the prospect of death I made the ultimate sacrifice and ate all them burgers each and everyday. I’m not sure he expected me to be able to handle all them Big Macs. He kept bringing them in and I kept eating them”.

“One day, after being there for over 6 weeks he had forgotten to turn off the microphone to his speaker and I could hear him say, ‘this chick is gonna make me go bankrupt buying burgers. No one has ever lasted this long. It’s like she trained for this all her life’. I’m not gonna lie I’m used to eating tons of food. So it was a great relief when he dropped me off at the parking lot of the grocery store he took me from the very next day”.

Kelly has plans on writing a book and maybe having a Lifetime movie based on her harrowing tale of kidnapping and burgers. No suspects have been identified but authorities are canvasing all McDonalds in the area for large, daily Big Mac purchases.

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