Trump Offers Kid Rock A Cabinet Position If He Gets Elected In 2024


Washington DC- After a meeting between Trump and super supporter Kid Rock, sources have told us that the two reached a deal that would land Rock a cabinet position if the former president were elected in 2024. Trump called the meeting to ask Rock to write songs for his 2024 campaign. Thrilled with the idea Rock jokingly said, “The songs will kick ass so much you’ll want to make me a secretary of something!”, said a person close to Rock.

According to inside sources Trump seemed to take the comment made in jest, literal and said, “Rock if I win, you’re in! We’ll find a spot in my cabinet for you “. There are a lot of ifs that have to factor in to make this a reality.

Trump would have to win the next election and Rock’s song would indeed have to kick ass. We imagine fans of Rock’s and supporters of Trump would love to see the two working together in an official capacity. There have also been whisperings of Ted Nugent playing guitar on one of Rock’s new songs. Repeated efforts from our offices have been turned down by both Trump and Rock’s camps, but stayed tuned to for the stories that matter most!

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