Geraldo Rivera Will Open Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Offshore Vault Live On YouTube TV!


One of the most well respected men on the planet, Geraldo Rivera will try and get a long awaited do over when he opens Jeffrey Epstein’s vault live on YouTube TV. Back in the 80’s Rivera infamously got 30 million Americans to watch him open Al Capone’s vault just to be disappointed when it was empty. “If this is a bust his days on TV are over”, said Barbara Walters.

Rivera swears thermal-imaging and scans of the vault have already revealed that scores of gold bullion bars lie waiting to be confiscated by authorities. “The real hope is to find evidence of others complicit in Epstien’s crimes. Sources tell us troves of information regarding celebrities and politicians alike is being stored in the vault”, a correspondent said.

Whatever the case maybe, Geraldo and his great ideas are on the hot-seat. Let’s just hope he doesn’t give away our military positions to enemies live on television again. Rumors have started to surfaced that the Clinton’s and Trump’s are hoping this “Vault Opening” is a repeat of the 1980’s debacle. Stayed tuned as more information of this super event becomes available. Remember Daily News Reported is here for you!

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