Texas To Enact Chastity Laws For All Unmarried Women Under The Age Of 30


In what is not a surprising move, the great state of Texas will further try to control a woman’s body by enforcing a new law making it illegal for unmarried women under the age of 30 to have sexual relations. Any woman caught will receive a fine of up to $10k and up to 5 years in prison for a first offense. Larger fines and longer jail terms for each subsequent sex act.

Having a hard time making abortion illegal, Texas found a loophole to suppressing women’s rights by enacting an old 1890 chastity law. The law will go in effect at the start of the new year. Opponents of this archaic and cruel law have already appealed to the supreme court of Texas.

Until this gets settle in court many a women are fleeing the state and settling in Oklahoma in what is being called a reverse dust bowl effect. “Many years ago people fled our state, now they are seeking refuge here from the barbarism of Texas”, an Oklahoma city council member said.

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